Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Winter Wonderland Cake

I have a very good friend who lives about 2 hours from me.  I love her and her kids, but due to the distance between us, I have never had the opportunity to make a birthday cake for either of her kids... until now.... Her youngest turned 9 in December.  This year, they came to Austin to celebrate so I was able to make her cake.  She wanted a snowman and snowflakes... she envisioned a sheet cake with a snowman in the middle, and four snow flakes... one in each corner.  Well... I had to bump that design up a bit, because that's what I do.... here's the result....

Snowman with royal icing snowflakes

Happy Birthday, Jordan!  I hope you enjoyed the cake as much as I enjoyed making it:)

For piping the royal icing snowflakes, I always use Wilton Meringue Powder... It always yields a very consistent product I can depend on.

Wilton W6007 Meringue Powder 4 Ounces - Replaces Egg White (Google Affiliate Ad)

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