Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cakes I would love to make...

There are so many beautiful wedding cakes out there...  but there are some 
looks I find myself longing for someone to order just to have the opportunity
 to make them... One of the effects I find myself drawn to again and again
 is the ruffled fondant.....  

Aren't these cakes absolutely gorgeous?  

Purple Hombre Ruffle

I absolutely love this hombre effect.  The classic simplicity of the cake 
let's the ruffled effect really stand out.
purple ombre ruffle fondant wedding cake with lavender topper
 featured in Belle The Magazine

All White - Classic and Elegant

This classic elegant all white version is just perfect.... I love the simplicity 
of the white fondant ruffles with the whimsical fondant rosettes.... just beautiful.

Elegant all-white ruffles from She Bakes Cake in Lexington, KY


The vintage feel of this one just oozes romance, don't you think? The hand crafted gum paste roses really finish it off.... can't you just picture the bride in her 1920's inspired wedding dress... love, love, love...

I found this gorgeous cake featured at The Bridal District

I may have to just go ahead and create one of these lovelies on my own... 

they just ooze romance, love and happy... :)

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