About Elaine

I was raised in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and moved to Austin, Texas in 1990.  I have a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Alabama, I am a licensed  real estate agent in the State of Texas, and a graduate of the Culinary Academy of Austin/Pastry Arts Program in 2007.  I am a single mother of two kids... a girl and a boy ages 11 and 7 (as of January 2013).

I found my passion late in life, and that passion is baking and cake decorating. I was always a baker...  I think from about the age of 11, whenever the menu called for biscuits, cornbread, cake or pie, my dad would always request that I make it.  But only after both of my kids were born did I discover that I had a knack for decorating.... who knew?  My friend Guy once told me "how could you have this in you all these years and not know until now?"   I like to think that our gifts come to us when we need them.... not necessarily when we want them.

So now I find myself embracing the philosophy of "if you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life".... 

 I love being able to participate in the special events in people's lives...  Dessert should be celebrated... it should be joyful.... it should be yummy... and it should be fun....  It is such a blessing to be able to provide tasty memories to celebrate all occasions.  I really, really love it... 

I make all of my cakes, cookies, fillings and icings from scratch.  Flavor is just as important to me as presentation.  I use only quality ingredients and I set the bar high for the quality of my product.

Currently, I operate out of my home and am under the restrictions of the Texas Cottage Food Law.  Basically, I can't take internet orders, ship items, sell to re-sellers  and I'm limited as to what I can offer.  For example, nothing that requires refrigeration (i.e. custard pies, mousse fillings... sigh... or candies)....  I can deliver, but apparently at some point in time, you must come to my house to either make payment or pick up your order.  

I would like to have my own commercial space some day, but right now this affords me the opportunity to do what I love with low overhead and a flexible schedule that allows me to spend time with my kids.  They will be grown before I know it.... opening a store front and spending 80 hours a week there is not where my priorities are right now.   

So, for now, I bake, I decorate, I blog....  I enjoy my kids and trust that my path is leading me where I'm supposed to be.  

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  1. I worked At Woolworths, in San Jose , Ca. About 50 years ago. I have their original cheesecake recipe. Yours looks pretty close, I remember we had to freeze the bowls and beaters and would beat the can milk til it had peaks. If you would like the recipe to compare email me @ hoppinsam@aol.com