Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Random Things From My Dad - #8

The Shoes...

Shoes have a long running history with my dad.  My first memories of his random shoe purchases were when I was in college... although I'm sure these strange and curious purchases must have happened sooner...

It was some time in the mid 1980's... He came home from one of his infamous shopping sprees loaded down with random deals he had come across.  Among the array of items was a pair of Nine West boots.  They were kind of a taupe color, tall, slim and with a relatively high heel. They were fancy and not at all like anything my sister, myself or my mom had ever worn.  So we were all looking at these boots thinking "okay?  who are these for?"  So, we asked... "who are these for?"  His answer sums up so much of what his purchases represent... "I figure they'll fit somebody... they were such a good deal I had to buy them."

And so it continued... his purchases of "too good to pass up" deals.  He has purchased so many random things over the years, many of which were such a good deal he bought it and would decide later where it might find a home.  Some of these items include a Waterford crystal lamp (it's been passed around a few times, but I'm pretty sure I have it right now)... a globe that had a light on the inside... a cuckoo clock, random and numerous items of clothing, and the list goes on and on.

But the shoes... the shoes!  Who on earth buys shoes for someone else?  Especially unsolicited purchases of shoes?  I find it so peculiar and also, endearing.  I was visiting my parents a few years ago when they lived in Arkansas.. my dad had driven to Hot Springs for the day and again, came back loaded with treasurers.  Among them was a pair of water socks.  Mind you, both of my parents were almost 70 at the time so why there were water socks among his purchases was a bit mind boggling.  My mom looked at the water socks, and looked at me with a huge question mark written all over her face.  "Why on earth did he buy these?"

I looked at the water socks and I looked at my mom.  Recalling similar odd purchases in the past, I replied "he probably got them because they were such a good deal he figured someone could use them."  She laughed, as did I.  When my dad came into the room we asked him what the water socks were for.... and yes... they were too good to pass up and he figured someone could use them.

So... yesterday when I went to pick up my kids from my parents' house I sat down with a glass of wine, as I often do, to visit with my dad.  He says to me "take a look at those shoes over there"... On the couch was a shoe box... I thought "oh, Lord, what now"...  And here's where it gets even stranger... I opened the box of shoes to find a pair of women's flat, casual/dress shoes.  They were two toned beige, neutral, practical and somewhat nondescript.  The weird part?  I had the EXACT pair of shoes in my closet.  I've had that pair of shoes for at least 15 years.  And yet, somehow, my dad manages to purchase the exact pair.... figuring someone in our family could wear them.  They were too good of a deal to pass them up....  I laughed, and I continue to laugh, every time I think of those shoes, and all the shoes that preceded them.

So... here are the shoes along with a photo of my old, ratty pair....

Same Designer

The Shoes My Dad Bought Yesterday (1/28/2013)

The Shoes I Already Had (Purchased in 1997 or earlier)

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  1. Remember that time I told that girl at Armida's that "Elaine has shoes just like those only hers are white" and she said, "These are white. They're just dirty."