Friday, January 18, 2013

Random Things From My Dad - #5

Okay.... finally, finally, finally.... this is the kind of "haul" that inspired me to write the "Random Things" blog posts.... Most of the time, the things from my dad are common household items, grocery items, etc.  But he has a knack for the obscure and this recent load is most definitely an example of those obscurities....

So exactly what is in this diverse selection of items? 

  • A Snuggie (complete with a free book light!)
  • Thunder Wolf Battery Operated Toy Helicopter (I will have to include a video of this in action if it does indeed fly!)
  • MicroFiber Wash Sponge
  • 4 - Cleanpot pot cleaner sponges (these are fabulous, BTW... you can throw them in the dishwasher and they never mildew:)
  • Smuckers Red Plum Jelly
  • A Jar of Peaches
  • A Jar of Strawberries (???... never seen such a thing)
  • A Jelly Knife - specifically designed to get all of the jelly and/or peanut butter out of the jar (I'll let you know how effective that is...)
  • Plant Science Classroom Kit (includes seeds, planters, stakes, germination mixture - as well as teacher instructions and student handouts)
  • And finally, two pair of Lobster Louies - these are scissors designed specifically for cutting lobster, crab and/or shrimp....
So, there you have it.... a very random list of incredibly obscure items from my dad.  Gotta love him:)


  1. Wow. All of that stuff is wonderful! (I'm assuming the helicopter and science kit are meant for the kids ... you might wanna share.)
    I love red plum jelly.
    I wonder where he got the pot cleaner sponges?

    1. I'm already working on getting the helicopter up and running for it's first test flight.... I'm not sure where he gets those sponges, but they show up over there regularly... I'll see if I can't score a couple for you:)