Sunday, January 6, 2013

Construction of German Shepherd Cake

 Someone asked me if I could make a 3-D cake to look like a German Shepherd.  I said "of course I can!".  Really, I was thinking "Holy crap, I really hope I can..."  I was really pleased with the results and my clients couldn't have been happier.

The completed cake :)
Anyhow... here is a photo of the cake in progress, step by step (almost... I got a little involved in the work at one point and missed a couple of key photos).  I was quite pleased with the result.  When it was time to get the airbrush out, I did everything I could to delay actually starting the airbrushing... I was so afraid of messing it up and not knowing how to fix it!

First some stacked and filled sheet cakes... foam board on top so I could add
cake for the neck back and shoulders of the dog

The cake with the addition of layers for the back of the dog

Carved to create silhouette of the dog

A few from the back

So here's where I left a few steps out... I added rice krispie treats to shape the tail and the legs and then covered the entire cake with fondant.  I used a small fondant tool to make fur marks in the fondant.

The Head!  I used homemade rice krispie treats to form the head... it's important to make the head slightly smaller than you actually want it to turn out.  When you add the icing and fondant, the head becomes larger... more so than you might think so plan ahead!

Ice the head and place it in the fridge to firm up.  You can use gloved hands to smooth the icing into all the crevices and curves once the icing is cold and firm.

Again.... missing some photos!  After covering the head with fondant I placed it on the dog's body using a cake dowel that had been sharpened on both ends.  One end is hammered into the board to prevent the cake from moving (although I don't think this cake was going anywhere!).  Sharpen the second end after you've hammered it into the board and carefully lower the head onto the dog's body.  Leave extra fondant along the neck and use a fondant tool and water to blend the neck "fur" with the rest of the dog's body.

He's starting to come to life now!  I used black fondant to make the eyes,
nose and mouth, and some pink inside the ears.

This was the step I was scared to death to start... it actually went very smoothly and took hardly any time at all. I used the airbrush starting with light coatings and went over it several times.

Adding the black might have been even more scary... a hard thing to fix if you mess it up. Again, though... it went well and the final effect was really cool.

Here he is... finished with collar and doggie treats...  

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  1. He is super cute. You are so talented!

  2. We loved this cake!!! Now we get to see the secret magic behind the scenes! Our 12 year old Sydney has been making cakes ever since! Your work and creativity are a wonderful gift. Thank you for posting this! Your fans from Temple!

    1. Awww, thanks! Send me some photos of Sydney's work... I would love to see what she's been up to... You can also find more photos and such on FB at