Saturday, January 19, 2013

Random Things From My Dad - Post #6

So....  Here is how a conversation with my dad went on Thursday...

DAD:  "I'm going to Costco tomorrow... do you need anything?"

ME:  "I do need some powdered sugar, but only get it if they have the 20lb bag... I don't want you to have to lift the 50lb bag and I don't especially want to have to deal with it either.  But some powdered sugar would be great.  Thank you:)"

DAD:  "Okay... anything else?"

ME:  "No... nothing else.  But would you mind just checking the price on their butter per pound?  DON'T buy any... just let me know what their price per pound is."

DAD:  "OK."

Any guesses as to what he came back with?

A 50 pound bag of powdered sugar (apparently, he didn't hear the part about NOT a 50 pound bag?)... 85 packets of Cascade dishwasher capsules, a can of roast beef (hmmm???)... 2 bottles of Cupcake Vodka... a Bottle of Barefoot Merlot... 2 lbs of mushrooms... some strawberries.... and......(drum roll please) 24 pounds of butter.  

The bottles of Cupcake Vodka were too awesome not to include their own photo...  Aren't those bottles simply gorgeous?

And, of course, the 50 pounds of powdered sugar.... (Man that was fun getting in and out of the car... but I am set for quite a while on the powdered sugar front!)

I had to count these at least three times to be certain I was right... it is, indeed, 
24 pounds of butter.... wow...

But wait... there's more!  
My mom gets an honorable mention in today's haul...

We had been shopping earlier today and I mentioned I was looking for some new kitchen towels because a lot of mine have just about worn out their usefulness... of course, when we get home, she shows me a drawer in the guest bedroom FILLED with dish towels, tea towels, and dish cloths.  The too, too cute white ones with red on them she embroidered herself... So I've got Easter, Valentines Day, Christmas and New Year's covered as far as tea towels go.

And the goodies off to the right?  She was making cinnamon rolls (from scratch... this apple didn't fall too far from the tree).... She asked me for some help.... in return I  got a pan of the delicious treats ready to bake in the morning.  Yum!

Yes... today was a bountiful day at the Edge house.... better get to baking!

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