Thursday, January 24, 2013

Celebrate Your Kids!

I don't know about you, but kids' artwork is some of the most imaginative and vibrant out there... I love they way my kids are limited only by their imagination as to what they can put on paper... Give them some markers, crayons or paint... a canvas or some paper... and let the creating begin!

I thought this would be a wonderful way to recognize their special talents... put their art... on cake!  Edible images are easy and fun.... it's a great way to personalize a cake without having to be Rembrandt yourself...

What a great surprise for your little one to find their art turned into dessert...  Here are some samples... they make some of the best edible images...

My daughter's class turned their names into art...

Tropical Sunset by our sweet friend Merry
Flower Pot also made by Merry

Lord of The Rings - artwork by the amazing Ellie :)
The ideas are endless... a Grade "A" report card, special award, recognition, or certificate.  Anything can be made into cake... consider one of these for your next celebration... it doesn't have to be a birthday:)

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