Monday, January 28, 2013

Ninjago Cupcakes!

Oh my how my son can get obsessed with something... right now, he is insanely obsessed with the cartoon Ninjago and anything Ninjago related (thank you, Lego, for making soooooo many Ninjago Lego sets... I'm  thinking this child has the equivalent of one semester's college tuition tied up in Lego sets)... In my opinion, Ninjago is nothing short of Power Rangers translated into a Lego character theme.

His obsession has been going on for as long as the show has been on the air... I think they are getting ready to start their third season.  Although it's been rumored they are cancelling it, which is causing him all kinds of stress and worry... He records the show.... searches You Tube for all the "product review" videos... shops Amazon for all the best deals... you can bet if it's related to Ninjago in any way, shape or form, he knows about it.

Which brings us to the Ninjago cupcakes... His school does a pretty bang up job of making the kids feel special on their birthdays... and, if your birthday should happen to fall during the summer months, they acknowledge your half birthday.  And that is what today is... Milam's half birthday.  Today, he is exactly 7-1/2 years old.

In keeping with tradition, I always make my kids a homemade treat of some sort to share with their classmates at school.  He decided he wanted Ninjago cupcakes... Can't let my little man down, so I set out to find the best way to make Ninjago cupcakes.

If I had not been so pressed for time, I would have taken photos of how I managed to achieve the final effect.  They look deceptively simple... it took me several attempts at different ways to approach it before I found the best technique to achieve the final result... which is this....

  For any of you familiar with Ninjago, you probably are aware that "Kai" ( the red ninja) is actually NOT one of the Ninjago... AND she's a girl... there is a black Ninjago named Cole, but I didn't want the teachers annoyed with me when the kids who got the black cupcakes looked like they had chewed on a black marker... so, I decided to go with Kai (girls' gotta represent)

Also, in keeping with my ongoing strategy of "why make it simple when you can make it more time consuming and difficult?".... I made enough cupcakes for both of the 2nd grade classes.  Thank goodness they go to a small school!  

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