Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Film Reel Cake - A Perfect Milestone Birthday Cake

Celebrating the Decades...

 Milestone birthdays are always so much fun.... as we get older, we tend to not celebrate our birthdays with a lot of hoopla and ceremony... but when we reach a milestone birthday (30,40,50......) it seems to warrant a  more elaborate celebration.... the beginning of a new era in our lives... we have earned a certain status, respect and are more comfortable in our own skin as we grow into ourselves.

There are a lot of "over the hill" cakes out there, but honestly, I prefer to celebrate the person and not create a cake that implies the best of their life is behind them.  I think this film reel cake is a perfect way to honor and celebrate someone special as they enter into a new decade of age, wisdom and maturity.

I recently had the privilege of making a cake for a dear friend's 40th birthday.  She is one of the strongest women I know... she works hard to maintain a career (in law enforcement no less!)... She is a great mom to two extremely awesome boys.... She is a loving wife... a wonderful friend... and an inspiring woman.

This cake celebrated her life, her family, her beauty, and yes... it even poked fun (a little) at the things we find endearing about her.

Her name is Jackie, and I have no doubt she will ROCK her 40's.  Happy Birthday, Jackie!

Adding edible images is a fun way to make a cake uniquely about that person...

Here we poked a little fun at Jackie... apparently, her husband says she looks like Dora the Explorer when she wears a backpack and sports a ponytail...

Photos celebrate her , her family and her awesomeness

It's hard to tell from the photo, but this is a T-Rex saying "T-Rex hates wall balls"... apparently, this is an ongoing love-hate relationship Jackie has at the gym with wall balls...

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Jackie... once again.  So blessed to call you my friend:)

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