Thursday, March 14, 2013

Who Are Your Real Life Super Heroes?

What if we lived in a world where we all had alter egos... A world where we were all Clark Kents or Bruce Waynes, or Diana Prince's by day and some kind of super hero by night?  What would your alter ego/super hero character be?  I think my cape might be emblazoned with a giant, frosted cake or cupcake... I don't always have the right words, but I can certainly bake a delectable treat for just about any occasion.

I believe all of us have gifts that come from within the depths of our souls.  All of my friends have gifts... super powers, if you will.  No, they don't leap tall buildings in a single bound... or scale buildings with spider webs... or fly invisible airplanes defeating bad guys... But they have gifts that are truly remarkable, none-the-less.  My super heroes are my friends, my neighbors, my kids' teachers... they all bless me in so many different ways.

Some have the gift of lifting my spirit... often when no one else seems to know it even needs innate knack for sending an email, text, or even a card in the mail, with just a few, very select words, that are exactly what you needed to hear in that moment.  Or maybe they show up, unannounced at your doorstep... holding a bottle of wine that comes with a complimentary smile, a hug, and hours of needed conversation, venting and support.

They make their home feel like a second home to yours... putting you at ease and feeling welcome to sit down, take your shoes off, relax and stay a while.  To hang out for hours and stay for dinner, when that was never part of the original plan.  They make you feel like part of their extended family... always welcome and never judged.

Some have the perfect sense of style and know just how to gift, advise, or accessorize... while that may not sound like a lot to you, it means the world to me.  How lovely it is to have a friend who can come by just before you are going out somewhere... and take your perfectly "okay" look and turn it into something special.  All without making you feel inadequate or like someone in need of transforming.  They have a gift, a knack, and they share it with you because they care... they want you to feel good about how you look.

I have friends with the gift of insightful parenting that I get to peer into and take invaluable nuggets from... these are usually the friends that offer me a new perspective on my own children... allowing me to appreciate and value them even more... to see something wonderful that perhaps I might have overlooked without their keen observation.

There are the friends you can call at any time with nothing more than "I really feel like I'm going to start crying and not be able to stop"... they understand this... they understand that nothing earth shattering or catastrophic has to have happened for this overwhelming sense of feeling, well... overwhelmed.  They listen, they care, they make you laugh, and they get you through these times with patience and without judgment.

My friends are all super heroes with super powers.  I surround myself with these super heroes who love, support, and encourage me.  We all need super heroes in our lives.  So go out now and find the super heroes in your life and surround yourself with them.  Before you know it, you'll be a super hero yourself.


My Kids... My Biggest SUPER HEROES!

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  1. This made me smile. You are such a super hero yourself! Who else could see and appreciate the small details that make us all special?