Saturday, March 9, 2013

Fuzzy Socks and Cherry Pie Cake - Yep

I am soooo terribly behind on posting about the random things from my dad.  No... the gifts haven't stopped coming, but I have been crazy busy and just plain remiss in keeping up with the posts... And I'm still not going to catch up today!  

He's gotten me flowers, THREE times... all of which I forgot to photograph.... some roses on Valentines Day... A really beautiful potted "pink thing" (I have no idea what it is, but I'm hoping to keep it alive!)... it's obviously some kind of bulb and very fragrant... and some other flowers that I also don't know the name of...

There was also a "near miss" when he pointed out a catalog the other day... it was a wig catalog... Yes... you read that correctly.. I said a "wig" catalog.  He seriously said... "pick something out if you want it."  Now, I have to admit that it was pretty tempting... to order a wig.  I always thought having a wig would be awesome.  You could be having a really bad hair day and just pop that thing on your head and be ready to go!  Plus... how nice would it be to go from short blond (okay... gray) hair to a long, luxurious dark head of hair.  Oh, I thought about it alright, but decided against it.  It would have made a most excellent blog entry, for sure, but let's be honest... I really don't need a wig.

I do have a couple of recent photos of some fabulous items I've received from my dad, but those are still going to have to wait for another day.  Today's post is really about my mom...

For as long as I can remember, my mom was always making/building/sewing/creating something!  With the exception of shoes, I don't think there is a single article of clothing she hasn't made for me.  Shirts, pants, shorts, dresses, formal wear, underwear even!  Leotards, bathing suits, slips and even a bra...  My mom has sewn just about every article of clothing you can imagine.

She has also done upholstery, padded/covered headboards, draperies, bed spreads... and the list goes on and on.  She even had a run with turning wood into bowls... and they were beautiful.  My mom is the single person responsible for the fact that I never thought there was something I couldn't do... she was the one who used the power tools, built things and repaired items at our house... Those things weren't reserved for "men" as demonstrated by my mom.  A visit to the Craftsman section of Sears could take an eternity with her!  There is a hilarious story of a ban saw she purchased in Denver that my sister and I drove to Arkansas to deliver to her... but that's for another time.

Right now, my mom's latest phase/craft is knitting.  She has made hats and scarves, and even knitted dish towels (sounds crazy, right?  But they are some of my favorite dish towels)...  right now her knitting obsession is socks... brightly colored, thick, warm and cozy socks.  

My kids spent quite a bit of time at my parents today, because I was crazy busy...  In addition to my home baking business, I'm also a licensed realtor (because those are related, right?)... Here in Austin the real estate market has taken off rather dramatically, so I've been fairly busy.  

I needed to preview a house, take my daughter to an appointment at 2:00, go to a 4:00 appointment to write a contract with a client on a new construction home, and decorate a cake to look like a cherry pie...  I was really excited about that cherry pie cake, but not so excited about how busy my day was.  One by one, I got my "stuff" done, including the cherry pie cake.  Now almost 10:00, I went to my parents' house to pick up my kids.  I was exhausted, but it was a good day.

My mom was finishing up a pair of socks... They looked so soft and comfy... I tried them on... they felt soooooo good on my poor tired feet... she put the finishing touches on the last sock and them gave them to me.

They are socks... and I LOVE these socks... I put them on and I can't help smiling... they are so soft and fuzzy and they just perfectly soothe my aching feet.  I'm wearing them right now and am just a little bit sad that I will have to take them off soon when I go to bed (nope... I just can't sleep with socks on... not even these fabulous socks)....

So... a long and stressful, yet productive and satisfying day is behind me... I'm wearing my socks and I'm thinking about my mom and the many gifts she has... there's nothing she can't do if she puts her mind to it....

So... here are the socks... they represent absolutely everything that is wonderful about my mom.... Oh... and the cherry pie cake... because it really is just oh so cool....

The super soft and fuzzy socks my mom made... and our dog Coco in the background...
She sets them off nicely don't you think?

And the Cherry Pie!
I mean the cake that looks like cherry pie!

Well now I want cherry pie... :/

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  1. This was wonderful to read, and to see. Both the cake (I can't figure out how you did that) and the socks are beautiful.
    Funny, that my folks are also both so creative - like yours - and that what you took from the experience was that YOU could do anything, and what I got out of it was that THEY could do anything.
    I'm so glad you're getting a slice of the real estate pie right now also. What a blessing it was for me that my best buddy also happens to be the best Realtor in Austin.