Saturday, March 2, 2013

If You Give an ADHD Cake Decorator an Order for a Barbie Cake

This is a true story inspired by the "If You Give a Pig a Pancake" series of books.... I am quite certain that Laura Numeroff has used me as her muse....

If you give an ADHD cake decorator an order for a barbie cake,

she will search the kitchen for the necessary ingredients.

When looking in the freezer, she sees some multi-colored cake balls.

She decides adding these to the cake will make it even more exciting.

She'll go to the store to get the items she doesn't already have at home.

When she's at the store, she sees some really fancy cupcake papers.

She remembers that the birthday girl wanted both chocolate and vanilla cake.

She decides some vanilla cupcakes in these fancy papers will look really nice around the barbie cake, which is chocolate (except for the multi-colored cake balls, which are vanilla).

The barbie going into the cake has wings... she decides butterflies on top of the vanilla cupcakes will be perfect with the winged barbie cake.

She gets a call from the birthday girl's mother and learns that there may be a lot of guests.

Worried the cake and cupcakes won't be enough, she decides to make some cookies.

Since the cupcakes will have butterflies on them, she decides to make cut out sugar cookies in the shape of a butterfly.

She decides to try a new technique on the butterfly cookies that she's been wanting to try.  After decorating the cookies with the new technique, she decides adding some hand painting to the cookies will be a nice touch.

She spends so much time on the butterfly cookies that she doesn't have enough time to make the butterflies for the top of the cupcakes.

After completing the cake, she realizes that Barbie's "skirt"  is protruding too much and Barbie's wings cannot be worn with the cake.

After she's finished with the cake, cupcakes and cookies... she delivers her cake to the party where someone asks if they can order a Barbie Cake...

And you know.... if you order a Barbie cake from an ADHD cake decorator.... you might just get a whole lot of other stuff to go with it.