Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Cookie - Packaging!

Who knew choosing just the right packaging for a cookie could be so challenging?  After multiple on-line searching expeditions... trips to the Container Store and "Make it Sweet"... I finally, finally, finally, landed on the packaging.... coffee bags.

Yes... after many hours and $$$ of searching and experimenting... the final decision was coffee bags.  The most cost effective, simple, easy to execute and store.... yet it took me what seemed like an eternity to get there.  So... here it is... in all it's glory.

I missed the obvious, even after making the final decision.  My friend Emily pointed out how perfect a coffee bag is... since, you know, the cookie has coffee IN IT and a chocolate covered espresso bean on top!  Doh ;)

My ignorance aside, it's quite brilliant in its simplicity, in that the coffee bags come in a variety of sizes to hold different quantities of cookies.  I can put the stickers and labeling on the bags ahead of time and they are ready to go!  They don't take up a lot of space when they're folded flat.... Plus... they are super cute, I think:)

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