Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Random Things from my Dad

My dad showed up at my house today, unannounced, bearing "gifts"....  His thoughtfulness and generosity can, at times, be exasperating and frustrating.  Today, it was very endearing.  He brought me flowers... and not flowers in the cellophane wrapper from the grocery store, but a beautiful arrangement of flowers, in a lovely glass vase.

Why did he bring flowers?  My guess would be because a friend and fellow school mom recently passed away and my kids and I have been hit pretty hard by it....  He's not terribly demonstrative with words or affection, but  this is how he is able to show that he cares.  I'm also certain that he either had a coupon or it was a really, really good deal!

My dad is a man who is not without his faults (but who is, really?).... He is also generous to a fault.  He is a consummate shopper and is always on the lookout for a "good deal".  If he finds such a deal... and he  thinks that there's even the slightest possibility you want it, or could use it, you can bet he's going to buy it for you.

Along with the flowers, he brought wine and walnuts.  He knows I love wine and this was a particularly nice assortment.  The walnuts I use a lot during the holiday baking season, so I deem them a "necessity"....  This was one of the most thoughtful "random selection" I've received from my dad.  I'm sure there are many more to come, as there have been many in the past... some of them will make me smile... some that will leave me wondering "what was he thinking"... and some that I will just really grateful to receive because it means more of my budget is available for other things...

I hope everyone has a dad in their life that makes them smile from time to time and know that they are blessed....


  1. An awesome post. Makes me appreciate my dad more :)

    1. Thank you so much. I find myself working hard to accept my dad and appreciate all that he does for me and my kids. Thanks for commenting:)