Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Random Things From My Dad - #12

My dad is definitely set in his ways... he has a short fuse and little patience when things don't go the way he thinks they should (which is often!).  My kids used to be scared of him, but now they're just like "oh, that's just Papa"... They accept him the way he is and seem to know just how much he loves them.  Posting about his "random" generosity really helps me to focus on the positive and truly understand that he has his own special way of showing how much he loves us... the things he buys.... the services he provides.... that's how he knows to show his support.  Writing about it reminds me everyday just how generous he is, and how important we all are to him.

Since my divorce (which was just last year) my dad has started sending his yard guys over to my house.  I never know when they're going to show up, but they do.... not only does he have them mow, he has them clean up the yard of sticks and leaves, edge the driveway and patios, and the last time they came?  He had them fertilize my front lawn AND spread the mulch which my dad also purchased and delivered to my house.

Just the other day, he showed up at my house with bug spray and mosquito repellent (mosquitoes are crazy bad in Austin!).  He left them outside my front door and let me know they were there.

Now, I don't know if these are politically correct/eco-friendly products or not, but I hope no one judges me (or him) too harshly if they're not.  He's taking care of me and my kids in every way he knows how and I couldn't possibly reject his offerings.

So these products sat, on my front porch, for a couple of days.  I knew they were there... and I knew I needed to  utilize them... it's the time of year that ants and such are getting pretty active and the mosquitoes are pretty crafty at finding their way into our house, so I KNOW they are rampant outside.  But still they sat, unused, because I just had not found the time to take care of it.

Then my dad comes by the house again, bringing more mulch (who knew the initial 10 bags wouldn't be enough?) to fill in the bare spots.  After I unloaded the bags of mulch (which, by the way, are still sitting in my yard, unopened, in front of the bare spots), my dad proceeded to spray the exterior of my house with the Ortho Home Defense... he came in and rested for a few minutes, sprinkled the mosquito pellets and was on his way.

My dad.... he will be 80 years old in August... yet he still remains active and finds ways he can be helpful around MY house....

I know that the time remaining with my dad is limited... I also realize that they day will most likely come that I'm taking care of him more than he's taking care of me.  I hope when that time comes that I am able to remember all he did for me and for my kids.  As much as he is temperamental, hard of hearing he has a heart of gold and generosity that knows no boundaries.  LOVE my dad :)

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  1. I love reading these.

    If you ever notice an ant hill, I have discovered that sprinkling a tiny bit of uncooked grits on it will make them go away. Like, half a teaspoon.
    The worker ants carry the grits to the queen, she eats them, they swell in her tummy and she explodes.

    And they all move out, 'cos who wants to clean up THAT mess.