Saturday, February 2, 2013

Are Edible Images Cheating?

Some people think using edible images is cheating... I suppose, in a way, it is.  But what exactly is it that you're cheating at?  It's not like you're trying to fool anybody into thinking it's anything other than an edible image is it?

I use edible images quite frequently.  There are a number of reasons I choose to use them...

I might use edible images when it's faster than piping... sometimes, the edible image is going to produce a much more refined look than I could achieve with icing...Edible images are often more cost efficient... and ultimately produce a better looking finished product.  You can also use an edible image to create a cake with a lot of detail, very quickly, and with little investment of your time (kids really don't care if you painstakingly piped a million details on a cake, or if you simply fill the top of a cake with an edible image.... edible images THRILL kids and you don't have to break the bank (or your back) creating it).

Obviously, photos have to be edible images, but I also have a "rule" I try to follow when it comes to edible photos.  Whenever possible, I add the edible image to  the cake on a fairly sturdy piece of gumpaste... this way, it can be removed from the cake and you don't have to hack into the birthday boy or girl's face!  Something I find terribly off-putting....

It's easy to get hung up on creating everything yourself and "by hand"... but to me, it boils down to the final product... what is going to look the best and be cost effective as well.

Here are some examples of how I have used edible images in a way I feel  were very effective:

Use Them in signs and banners on your cake:

I used edible images to create the stickers on this
 hippie VW van....

Love Is In The Air!

Perfect for the banner and the "logo" on the side
 of the plane...

Use them for Photos

Baptism Cake - Photo of the baby which is easily removed from the cake 

One of my favorites for my friend Guy - he is an awesome singer and we had a party for
 him at a local karaoke bar - I used edible imaging to create this "album cover" including a list of the songs he sings on a regular basis.  Along the sides of the cakes are album covers from some of his favorite artists.

Another way I like to use edible photos... put them on gumpaste and create a stand... easily removed from the cake so you don't have to cut into the happy couple...

They are great for making a decoration for the entire top of a cake!  Saves a LOT of time if you're in a pinch..

She wanted a Warriors Cat cake...
what could be simpler?

Great for adding details that would take HOURS to pipe...

My daughter's cake - she wanted Hello Kitty and a slew of the Hello Kitty characters... in a bus....
 Easy, peasy and so cute!

And finally, just some nice detail that adds a more finished look to your cake:

Perfect detail to make the prescription bottle look so realistic... it's all gumpaste... edible image label

I love using it to create a monogrammed hankie... so delicate 

Another monogrammed hankie....


  1. I love these cakes, especially the nursing one! I liked the thoughtful discussion of edible images. I hadn't thought of any of it before. Thanks for a great post!

    1. Couldn't agree more. There are just some things that you can't do without printing. Certainly not a photo. And incorporating an edible image can enhance a cake. It doesn't have to replace creativity.

    2. Isn't it so true, Terri! My edible printer is one of the best investments I've made.... love the enhancements I can add to a cake and I'm not at the mercy of a third party provider if I need something last minute:)